Move-it MOM Move: Wall Sit with Calf Raises

As Moms, we rarely get a minute to sit down throughout the day. This exercise gives you the opportunity to “take a seat”.

Get into a wall sit, keeping your shoulder blades down, back, and up against the wall. Park those legs into a 90 degree angle and “take a seat”. Don’t forget
to engage your core while pulling your belly button back in towards your spin.  Breathe and get comfortable.  Hold this position for 1 minute.
Want to take it up a notch? Alternate your left and right heel off the ground for 30 seconds into your 1 minute set. Make sure you keep your
shoulders and booty up against that wall.  Repeat each set for a total of 3 sets, or 3 minutes total. It may not be the break you were looking for, but your quadriceps and calf muscles will thank you!

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